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Click To View Korean Terminology
Learn the basic Korean Terminology used in our dojang.

Click To View Symbolism of the Korean Flag (Taegeuk ki)
Learn the symbolism associated with different elements of the Korean flag.

Click To View Kukkiwon Black Belt Application Form
Application form to be filled out for Kukkiwon Black Belt Dan Certification.

Click To View Philosophy of The Taegeuk Forms
Learn the philosophy behind the Taegeuk Poomse and why they are done in specific patterns.

Click To View Black Belt Taekwondo Membership Oath
Woo Kim Taekwondo Institute becoming a role model.

Click To View Kukkiwon Black Belt Dan Requirements
Current time requirements for Kukkiwon Black Belt Dan Promotion.

Click To View Woo Kim Black Belt Testing Requirements
Testing Requirements for Woo Kim Black Belt Dan Promotion.